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“This is about us starting a partnership together; you, me. and our team in a Top Tier Direct Sales Company.”

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This is Lisa and I at one of our company events.  This was actually part of the event, we were on a group Master Mind Session on the beach in Costa Rica.

In our business model you can actually own a three tiered business system where you can generate commissions of  $1,000, $5,000 or $9,000 per sale. In fact if you are vested on 3 levels of the comp plan as I am, and a customer purchases all three of our products that is a $15,000 commission.

In 2007 my wife Lisa gave me Guerilla Business School for Christmas. Guerilla Business School is a course by Peak Potentials Training, T. Harv Eker CEO & Founder. It was a five day business intensive, 12 to 14 hour per day with Harv and seven other Multi Millionaire and Billionaires.


Lisa and I hanging on the beach with several other members of our companies Leadership team and one of our Founders.

At the time I went to Business School (about a year before these pictures) we were in an MLM company struggling to make $500 per month. I learned what an income engine and compensation plan should look like, came home and located one that fit EXACTLY what we wanted to create.


I wanted to throw this out there also, if you are a parent this is an AWESOME environment for your kids.  These are our two daughters at a company event in Cancun, Mexico.  They were so into everything at that conference we had to drag them out.  They were 9 and 4 at this event.

Seven months later Lisa and I were full time Entrepreneurs; no boss, no time clock, no kidding. This is what I am going to show you, and one of the things I will teach is you how to market. If you are ready to connect…….


Again, this is my direct office line not voice mail: 1-904-280-0280

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