Why Struggle…Start Doing Business On The Internet NOW!

by on 09/07/13 at 9:37 pm

Are you tired of grabbing for the low hanging fruit and missing? Had enough of all the “Little Bright Shiny Objects” distracting you while you’re doing business on the internet? You know what I mean, the money making ideas that take time and attention off of your business, and put it on someone else’s…

I know a few years ago, I’d had enough. Ray Jernukian here, founder of Take You To The Top Coaching…


One day I got fed up with watching all the so called “Guru’s” make the big “Online Bucks” while I struggled to make peanuts. Then it dawned on me, while they were teaching me how to use Social Media, Video Marketing, you know grabbing at the low hanging fruit… they never taught anything about how to start a business online, on a solid foundation. It was more like they were handing me a gun and saying read, fire, aim!

If you put up a building on a weak foundation it will crumble right? The internet is no different in that respect, start building your business on solid ground, and catapult your results now!

If you’re anything like most Entrepreneurs, you’ve tried a hundred or more different ways to make your business work online with little to no success.

In my power packed training called Attraction Recruiting Mastery, we will take a look at:

  • How to brand you, and your business to create thrilling results.
  • You will get a complete branding checklist, a step by step Done 4 You Branding Guide.
  • You will learn about the Psychology of colors.
  • You will learn how to look like a savvy professional with a custom logo, and how to get it built for peanuts.
  • How consistency and continuity in your marketing increases sales, saves time, and money.
  • The process on how to find your niche market for free
  • Who your target audience is
  • The complete guide to demographics
  • How to find your ideal customer and more.

The plan was to open the floodgates and share this DVD for $89. Several of my students told me I was insane, and that the psychology of colors alone was worth more than $89.

Let me ask you…

If this product taught you what colors meant, so you were able to trigger certain responses on your website simply by picking the right color wouldn’t that be worth $89?

If all this product did was teach you how to target, and find your ideal customer, to maximize your profits, wouldn’t that be worth $89?

If this product provided you with a complete checklist on how to brand your business correctly so you did it right the first time, wouldn’t it be worth $89?

Friend it is going to do all of that! In fact I’m so confident you will love Attraction Recruiting mastery, your also getting my Iron Clad 30 day guarantee. If you do not love this, send it back within 30 days and get a refund.

Now to make this even better…

You thought $89 sounded good, I could cut that in half so this can really help more people…

Or better yet, let’s help even more people, and and slash this by even more than 50%! You can get this amazing product, with the guarantee for $38.! Click the buy now button below and order your copy of Attraction Recruiting Mastery risk free for $38 right now and start doing business on the internet for real!

Once again this is Ray Jernukian saying have a great day, and a brilliant future, you absolutely deserve it!

Oh yea… don’t forget to click DOING BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET and buy it now…

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