Web 3.0 Is Live 10-18-10 @ 9am ET!!!

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web-30-6My friends it is time!
Tomorrow morning at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time, the “Get Traffic 3.0″ coaching program I’ve been sharing with you all week is going LIVE for the first time. 
This is truly a monumental moment in our industry, & the opportunity for you to get all the traffic, leads, & cash you need for your business is HERE in a most powerful way.
Anyone with ‘half a brain’ can obviously see that “facebook” is on the verge of an advertising explosion…
… With some of the cheapest costs for traffic & leads that will EVER exist for those who understand how to use this platform right now.
To say I’m excited about the opportunity to be one of the FIRST out of 30,000,000 other distributors in our industry to begin learning these strategies for my business is an understatement!
I’m beyond excited, but most importantly…
I’m not missing this RARE chance for the world.  I just have to much sense for that, & know that  “Get Traffic 3.0” is going to solve so many problems that usually KILL most people’s businesses before they ever even have a chance.
Now to show you HOW SERIOUS I AM ABOUT HELPING YOU learn this information anyone who enters Jonathans Web 3.0 coaching program through me will recieve a FREE COPY OF “How To Dominate Video Marketing” for joining.  I sell this course all day for $97 and am GIVING IT TO YOU FREE because I know how important Mondays course is!
By the way, I highly recommend you catch up on all 4 of these videos if you missed any this last week…
These videos will honestly open you up to a world you probably had no clue was there, & the potential for you to grow the business you WANT is staring you in the face, with a wide open invitation.
Now here’s the big news…
The grand opening of the “Get Traffic 3.0” coaching program is tomorrow morning & there’s several reasons you need to be ready to take action as SOON as this goes live…
… so you can be part of the ELITE group of entrepreneurs who understands how to build your business in the most powerful, lucrative, & guaranteed ways on the planet.
Here’s the important details you need to know…
#1: There has never been a coaching program like this in our industry before, & it’s going to put you at the FOREFRONT of the “Facebook” advertising explosion.
The tactics, strategies, methodologies, assignments, classes, workshops, & everything else you’re going to get in the Curriculum of “Get Traffic 3.0” is going to walk you through exactly how to mine the GOLD from Facebook in ways 99.99% have no clue about.
This is a HIGH level education.  One that is completely ‘results based’ & focused on solving the “lead & cash flow” problems most are currently experiencing in the industry.
#2: Get Traffic 3.0 is ONLY going to be on the public market for a period of 7 days.  After that, this one time only chance will be GONE, & you likely will miss the entire opportunity to cash in on Facebook at it’s most profitable moment ever.
Simply put, successful people TAKE ACTION & SEIZE their moments of chance.  This is definitely one of those moments.
#3: The price to become a founding student of the “Get Traffic 3.0” program is astonishingly affordable, & even some what of ‘smack in the face’ to many other high end Internet Marketing coaching programs.
The only other Facebook coaching program I’ve heard about since Facebook’s explosion onto the scene was 6 months ago, by a legendary internet marketer.  The cost was $1,995.  & it was well worth every penny.
However, after looking at Jonathan’s curriculum first hand, & seeing the ‘total package’ he put together specifically for people in our industry…
… I have to tell you it DEMOLISHES anything else I’ve seen out there.  Yet here’s the crazy part.

The ENTIRE price to become a founding student of “Get Traffic 3.0” is only $297.  It’s almost crazy.

I’ve seriously never seen something this valuable, being sold so affordable.  But this isn’t something you can just ‘sleep’ on.  You have to be READY to take action fast this week… because it will be  gone as quick as it came.
And likely the cost if Jonathan ever decides to bring this back to the market will be $997 or HIGHER, plus you will be light years behind our ‘founding students’.
To get this grand opening discount, you have to be ready to take action TOMORROW, as soon as it goes live.
And honestly… I could keep going on about this because I know without a shadow of a doubt this is the most important coaching program you will join in your business all year, but I think you get the point.
Look, since google pretty much ABOLISHED our industry… the amount of traffic out there has been hit HARD.
It’s more difficult to get traffic & leads for your business than it’s EVER been right now, & our industry has desperately needed a solution to this problem.
Facebook PPC is honestly that solution.  But the only people who are going to SURVIVE & THRIVE are the entrepreneurs who have mastered this platform.
Jonathan is going to teach you exactly how to ‘MASTER’ this platform like no other person is going to in our industry right now.
If you need proof… just go here & watch these videos:
—> CLICK HERE !!! 

If you don’t get some of the most powerful
knowledge you’ve ever heard to scientifically scale your businesses growth…
… Then ignore everything I’m saying & go back to what you are doing.  Seriously. But the reason I say that is because no one can deny the TRUTH, & the truth is right now Facebook is the #1 rising giant in the world for traffic…
… and truthfully the biggest opportunity currently existing in our industry to get the mass abundance of people we need to grow our business.
The time is NOW to make this leap forward in your success, & the teachers have shown up to guide the way. 🙂
Get all caught up on the videos today if you missed one, & be ready to make some MAJOR changes in your life starting tomorrow!
I know this is going to be an opportunity for growth, transformation, & getting the RESULTS you’re looking for unlike anything that’s come before it.
Send me an Email to Info@RayJernukian.com for Mondays link, once I see you are in the coaching program I will send you the FREE copy of “How To Dominate Video Marketing”
Yours in success,

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