OrganoGold : Why we made the switch to Organo Gold

by on 09/03/14 at 2:35 pm

This is about how OrganoGold brought us back into Network Marketing after being full time Success Coaches for the last 2 years.

The Second Largest traded commodity world wide is coffee (Oil is #1).
Over 500 BILLION cups are poured annually.

83% of US adults drink coffee.
60% of them say “they can’t start their day without a cup.”
18 Billion dollars per year are spent on “Specialty Coffee” in the US alone.
Real residual Income
Again, that is 60% of my customers legally addicted to my product. Now thanks to OrganoGold you can profit from the 2nd largest consumable in the world, and have 60% of your customers “Legally Addicted” to your product before you even start!

I’m Ray Jernukian from The Home Business Family. As a successful coach with over a decade of experience in Network Marketing, once we took a serious look at Organo Gold this opportunity was a no brainer.

True Residual: In most cases the people consuming your products are the rep’s you bring in. Therefore if they stop working, your income stops flowing. This business is consumer based, and will never give up coffee! They may forget to take their supplements, they may even forget to drink their juice, but they’ll never forget YOUR COFFEE!

Go To and let us help you ride the wave here with OrganoGold!

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