My Shopping Genie Is A Winner And It Is Free!

by on 02/05/10 at 12:24 am

banner_mmg_1Here we are reviewing a free downloadable tool called My Shopping GenieThe free tool bar was made to save everyone a lot of time searching for items online.

The tool locates the lowest price on the item you searched for, no need to look at several million online stores.

Having used the free tool we found an real value in the genie and wanted to share.

The free genie works with the major search engines like Ask, Yahoo, Google,
MSN and more.  Now for an example, say you are on Google pice shopping for an iPhone.

Doing that exact search on Google just now produced 376 million iPhone sites.  Seriously does anyone have time to search 376,000,000 websites price shopping?

Shopping genie only appears when you are doing a search; it rests on top of your task bar and is about the same size.  It displays links to online stores
by default or you choose them as well as brick and mortar stores like Wal-Mart and Costco.

The finest piece however is the compare link.  Looking back to our iPhone
model the compare link instantly searches all websites and retrieves
only the best prices.

Can you imaging how much time people spend every day searching for a low
price, this does it in seconds.  And again the best part is that Shopping Genie is abolutely FREE!

The tool even helps with grocery shopping.   Maybe you have a few
grocery stores in your area, you can enter them into the genie bar.  Then put in your shopping list and it will check for the best price.

Earlier in the article was mentioned that the genie only appears on a search engine doing a search so it is not just taking up desktop space when it is not in use, from from past experience most of us have enough clutter on the screen now.

The Shopping Genie is a abundant time and money saver for online or offline
shopping.  Even if you conclude you do not like the genie, all you need to do
is un-install it.


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