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Welcome to the start of my new MTTB, and MOBE, blog series.

Since Lisa and I got involved with My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Empire we have gotten numerous questions about this program, from both, people doing their due diligence about the company, and our team as well.

So in the interest of saving everyone
a lot of texting, emailing, and calling I’m putting together a series of tutorials to explain as much of the program as I can.

If you don’t find the answer to what your looking for here on our YouTube channel, you can reach out to us directly or simply leave a comment on one of these videos, and I’ll create a presentation to answer your question for everyone. Chances are, if you have the question, so do other people. 

Since this is the first video in the series, where better to start than Than with the money! This video will cover the compensation differences between MTTB and MOBE.

My Top Tier Business, or MTTB and My Online Business Empire or MOBE as we call it, are part of the same company, yet serve two different purposes and have very different compensation plans.

This presentation will start with MTTB. My Top Tier Business is our 21 step program. This program is only $49, comes with a back office, products, complete sales funnels including websites, auto responders, email swipes, and my three personal favorites:

#1: Your very own personal coach.

Your coach will take you by the hand, and walk you step by step through the program to make sure you know what to do, and why your doing it.

#2: Your very own personal sales staff.
#3: MTTB comes with 2 guarantees.

On eligible products, MTTB sub affiliates are given a 50% Commission with the exception of live events. With Events the company understandably has a much higher investment, getting the venue, speakers, AV team, and everything else that goes into the event, and we will get deeper into that in a moment also.

The first product we will cover is:
MTTB this is MOBE’s premier commission generating system: Through this 21 Step program, clients discover how to get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions deposited directly into their bank account- without ever having to making a phone call. The price for MTTB is $49, and as a sub affiliate your commission would be $24.50 every time someone purchases it through your link.

IM Revolution This is the business model that took our founder Matt Lloyd from making $700 month to $314,900.29 month in an 18 month period. They buy it for $9.95, and our commission is $4.97.

Traffic Masters Academy our next product reveals everything about traffic that no one ever talks about. Over the course of 30 days, they will learn from the men and women that are on the cutting edge of traffic generation today. The purchase price is $297 and MTTB Sub Affiliates commission is $148.50.

MOBE Licensing Kit The Licensing University is a detailed, and“easy to understand” 7 day training course that leaves your customers with a “Master’s degree” in how to licensing other people’s products so they can make money without creating any products themselves. They buy the kit for $297, and the commission is $148.50.

***Please note that the MOBE Licensing Kit is a completely different product then the MOBE License Rights Program, or MLR we will cover in the MOBE presentation.

My Email Marketing Empire Email marketing (the No. 1 Income source of any internet marketer). This course shows your customers EXACTLY how Matt did it in his business- and how you, or customers can too. This one is 2 payments of $97, and you would receive 2 commissions of $48.50 when it’s purchased through your affiliate link.

How To Build A Funded Proposal Learn the secrets of 6 and 7 figure network marketers: how to recruit new reps on autopilot using just the internet, without rejection. It’s price is $194, with a $97 commission.

Affiliate Bonus Domination This one teaches why traditional Affiliate Marketing is dead, and how to use the new rules to consistently dominate in major product launches, get major recognition, and win thousands in prize money. They buy it for for $291, with a $145.50 commission.

The O.P.T. Formula ‘Other Peoples Time’ – the ultimate leverage point to grow business. Here they can Learn everything they need to know about effective outsourcing. How to get the monadic tasks of their business out of their hands and into someone else’s to free up their time, who couldn’t use that! Purchase price is $194, with a $97 commission.

Now these next three I love! These products pay good old fashioned monthly residual income when you sell them.

MOBE Elite Earners Weekly Interviews Every week, the top earning MOBE partners will host a webinar, and show you exactly what they’re doing to bring in the big bucks.This program is perfect for MOBE Licensees and Titanium members as well, here is where membership has privileges. Sub Affiliates pay $197 per month, MLR Or Licensed Rights members $97, Titanium members $47 and Platinum get it free. So your commissions would be $98.5 per month, 43.45, 23.50 and nothing on Platinum.

Done-For-You Emails Buyers get new emails delivered to their inbox each day that they can copy, paste, and send to their list, for easy commissions, these are professionally written, high converting emails. Customers pay $97 per month and MTTB Sub Affiliates collect $48.50 per month as long as the customer is subscribed!

The MOBE Inner Circle Subscription This product teaches the hottest and latest, in online marketing, lead generation, and business scaling tactics. Clients also get a special 1 hour coaching session with one of our consultants. There purchase price is $97 per month you collect $48.50 per month in commissions as long as your customer is subscribed!

And finally The Summit Event Promote MOBE’s upcoming Home Business Summit, the event designed to help new internet marketers launch their online business. They can get Live streaming and watch it anywhere online for $97, get a live ticket to attend the event in person for $297, or a VIP ticket with premium seating, dinner with the speakers and more great perks for $497, with commissions of $48.50, $118.80, and 198.80 respectively.

Now as you can see, you’ve got some pretty substantial income potential here for a meager $49 product purchase, with commissions ranging from $4.97 to $198 per sale.

That pretty much covers what you need to know about the commission structure as a sub affiliate with My Top Tier Business. But what about MOBE?

  • What if you could nearly double the percentage of your commissions?
  • What if you could have high ticket products to market that had a four figure commission ?
  • What if you could pick up an additional 5% in passive income over and above all of this?
  • What if you could position yourself to be earning a 5, multiple 5, or even a 6 figure monthly income here?
  • What if my friend?
  • With My Online Business Empire you can have all of those things and more, Click Here for the MOBE page.

    You’ve come this far, so make sure to click that link and see for yourself where the real income is in this opportunity right now, and I’ll see you there, this concludes the MTTB post.

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