Funded Proposals, If You’re Not In One READ THIS!

by on 18/04/10 at 1:59 am

TheMarketingFunnel-1Do to a excellent reader response to the last article about Funded Proposals it we should definitly re live the lesson.

For the Internet Marketing or the Home Based Business industry, no doubt the major problems people face are getting support and creating targeted leads for their organization.

The biggest part of the problem starts with leaders not showing their team the principles and benefits behind setting up a proper sales funnel.

This isn’t knocking marketing with sites like squeeaze pages, landing pages and Blogs are essential, a ton of leads is the goal and those items alone won’t do it.

Of you know this or not, Funded proposals are the key key strategy you need to a finished sales funnel.  This critical piece of the puzzle is where success is stashing itself from you.

Our industry average is that for every 100 leads you generate 3 will join your opportunity.  Now if you’re not even hitting that 3% stat it is more than likely a lack of communication training and a matter for a different message all together.

Let’s say you are in that range, and then what do you do with the other 97
lead’s you have gathered?

With a sales funnel plus Funded Proposals you continue marketing programs or different products and services opening up mpre income streams.

Can you imagine how much more income you’d have selling to only 5 people of the 97 lead’s that were heading for the garbage can, you could be  generating 5 or 10 times the proceeds you now do not having that element.
And really, as your marketing funnel gets set up, it runs on little sweat.

For some reason a lot of people feel the need to figure this all out on their own, I have mad that mistake in the past but learned that successful people
don’t get to be successful without help and that changed my business.

Incorporating Funded Proposals in your sales funnel requires minimal investment and requires minimal time and effort on your part to get started and there are several good options out on the internet to look at that can satisfy your style of marketing.

Many Entrepreneurs find their struggles in business come to a halt quickly
after completing a sales funnel, and many actually turn their focus to
marketing a system rather than their primary business.

Let us look at this also; marketing your opportunity is as a rule strictly brands your primary opportunity not you!

Sales funnels and Funded Proposals allow you to brand yourself not your biz
op.  After all ladies and gentlemen, your business is you, not your primary
company.  Let them brand themselves; they have the money to do it.

For a great look into that this sytem can do to EXPLODE your business click on FUNDED PROPOSALS

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