Eliminating Our Excuses #8 “No One Will Help Me”

by on 30/11/09 at 1:28 am

help“No one will help me.” The eighth in the series of excuses people most commonly use, consciously or unconsciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful easily tops the list. Your Mind Set is a substantial part of success development. That through strategies like this and Personal Development can be made a lot easier.

This excuse is sad because there is no truth to it, especially for anyone in this community. The fact is this world is filled with people who would love to help you with whatever you would like to create. Think about it, we are in the information age and there is data everywhere.

Maybe it is not data you are looking for, perhaps it is specialized help. There are coaches and mentors available in any and all fields to assist you and shorten most any learning curve. At worst most things, especially ni this economy can be out sourced. There are a lot of people looking for extra money right now.

But if you hold onto a falsehood that no one will be there to help you, your experience will match that belief. Once you change the belief inside of you, again you will find help.

This is yet another mind virus. Simply set your mind to believe you can access help. Personal Development and Mind Set strategies just like this one will go a long way toward your success development. Eliminating the excuses we use on a daily basis is a huge step. That is why I gave this so much time and attention.

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