Eliminating Our Excuses #7 “I Can’t Afford It”

by on 30/11/09 at 2:08 am

jigsaw-puzzle-5“I can’t afford it.”  The seventh in my series of excuses people most commonly use, consciously or unconsciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful easily tops the list. Your Mind Set is a substantial part of success development.

Anybody else on the line heard this?  Or is it just me.  This belief is lame and a cop out.  Again we all originated in a world of abundance and all of us have the ability to access it.  Whenever we discourage ourselves from obtaining something it’s an excuse. 

If you instead decide to bring the awareness of abundance into your life, shift the thought from I can’t afford it to whatever I need in the form of assistance is not only available but it is on it’s way you are on the right path.  You will then be watching for the funds to show up. because you realize your ability to use the power of abundance to elevate your life. 

You have the ability to create a space. inside of you that is filled with peace and joy.  Be grateful for all of the wonderful things you have in life and more will come.  To quote Henry Ford: “If you believe you can afford something or not you are right.”

Focus on how can I afford it and over come this one. This will aid in your success development. There are many limiters that can be in your mind set holding you back from success. So continue to learn and grow.

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