Eliminating Our Excuses #5 “I Don’t Deserve It”

by on 30/11/09 at 3:25 am

LP“I don’t deserve it” Is the fifth in the series of 18 excuses people most commonly use, consciously or unconsciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful. Your Mind Set is a substantial part of success development.

Gloria Steinem once wrote “Self esteem isn’t everything it’s just that there is nothing without it.” Lack of self esteem is the primary cause of “I don’t deserve it” examples like nothing ever works for me, I try but I must not be worthy. I’m not good enough to succeed.

These excuses are based on a belief of unworthiness or a complete lack of self esteem. It’s as if a part of our mind, is trying to protect us from the pain of someone else saying you’re not good to accomplish something and then being right about it. Those excuses are lies, and if we are living by them we are living lye.

None of us were put here to suffer; we all deserve our fair share of the abundance that surrounds us. Anything else is a colossal misrepresentation of the truth. Use this affirmation if you like: I am successful, any other opinion of me is incorrect and inaccurate.

Because the truth is you do deserve it. This thought process isn’t protecting us; it’s preventing us from taking action. So decide to eliminate it and move foreword right now. Mind Set training success development strategies like this will help your focus and confidence to name a few things.

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