Eliminating Our Excuses #2 “It Going To Be Risky”

by on 30/11/09 at 5:39 pm

dice_home“It’s going to be risky” The second in the series of commonly uses excuses people have that consciously or unconsciously can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful easily tops the list. Your mind Set is a substantial part of success development.

Again this may seem like a good reason but if you convince yourself that something involves more risk than you can handle or have the strength for it is a very poor excuse for not taking action.

What is unquestionable is your ability to choose your beliefs about the drawbacks to this action. I’m not sure you can ever feel like anything you do is 100% risk free it’s really about how you perceive it.

Take this series for instance. I could have easily passed this up thinking that come on what if you screw up, or what if they don’t like the topic you chose. Or as I did say if the value you provide the people with, this content even helps one individual just one iota, the reward has far out weighed the risk.

After all the vast majority of the feedback I have ever received from doing a this type of educating was heartwarming to say the least. But I was only able to find that out because I looked past the risk. If you’re willing to live from your convictions and not worry about the opinions of others you will live to your destiny not the fear of others, it’s all in checking your mind set.

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  1. Shirland

    Dec 11th, 2009

    Great job on your site Ray. I definitely picked up some new ideas for my next blog that I will be launching soon. It will be more of a money blog with affiliate links etc. Have a great weekend.

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