Don’t Try It Just Do It!

by on 06/04/11 at 12:18 pm

From a mind set perspective the word “try” is the second most negative word in the English language, a close second to the word “can’t”.

These two words (and many others) wreak havoc on our subconscious minds.  I think many people take their subconscious mind for granted and it is one of your most powerful recourses.  It works 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  It can work for you or against you!

 The word “can’t” is nearly self explanatory, the second you say to your self “I can’t” your subconscious literally shuts down because you told it there was no hope.  Instead of “I can’t” ask yourself “How can I?”.

 Now that’s a different lesson altogether so lets hit today’s topic of the word “try”.

 Hear me out on this one.  The reason “try’ is a negative word is you have essentially given yourself permission to fail.  How could that ever be acceptable.  If you break down what it means to say “I’ll try” that really means:

“Ok, I’m going to attempt something.  If I succeed, great! If I fail that’s ok also”.

Reality is that failure is part of success, no real way around it.  Every time I fail at anything I fell one step closer to succeeding.  But does that make failing ok?  I say absolutely not!

Your best advice is not to try anything, JUST FREAKIN DO IT!

Why give yourself permission to fail before you even begin?

“There is no try..only Do!!!” ~ Yoda




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