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RNLJThis link will take you to one of my other websites. There I offer coaching at a 30 minute or 1 hour rate as well as a comprehensive business plan consultation. Scroll down a little and you will see them on the right side of the  page. If you are on my team; do not purchase any of these products, they are free to you. Simply call us and  CLICK HERE or on image.  You can purchase the services here as well on the right side bar under the social media widget.


HowToLongMy new E-Book, created to help you my fellow Entrepreneurs and those who are looking to become Entrepreneurs. This e-book covers 23 different topics to get you into this industry and successful A.S.A.P. Eight years of my life, trial and error with a lot of education for $7.  CLICK HERE or on image.


MIMThis I found AMAZING! A Top Tier Direct Sales Company with it’s own Funded Proposal.  They have put together a complete sales funnel.  It is a Funded Proposal, lead system, marketing tool, contact manager, auto responder and a lot more.  If your thinking about getting involved in a company SERIOUSLY take a look. CLICK HERE or on image.

hbqaRay Jernukian launches a free 20 video course on how to find the right Home Based Business for you.   Not simply answering the questions you are asking yet answering the questions you should be asking and probably did not think of.  CLICK HERE or on image.

7fig This is easily the most user friendly marketing system I have ever been a part of anywhere! This link will direct to a site where you get a $1 seven day trial.  Build your own squeeze pages in minutes and have a ton of network marketers to network with. Not only is this easy to use, this is where I learned the technique that brought me my first 5 figure day! CLICK HERE or on image

 7fig This is another great user friendly marketing system we use in our business.  This link will direct to a site where you get a $1 trial. Build your own squeeze pages in minutes and have a ton of network marketers to network with just as above.  CLICK HERE or on image


7fig Learn each and every technique there is to generate the HIGHEST quality online leads possible and turn you into a recruiting machine!  Almost all network marketers KNOW they need to generate constant and HOT leads to grow their network marketing business, yet they have No Clue How  to do it. Well this is an awsome way to pick up secrets from a 7 figure earner.  CLICK HERE or on on image.


MagnBlack Belt Recriuting and many other courses offered here by Mike Dillard.  If you have not heard of this man, in my opinion he is the Godfather of attraction marketing. If you want to learn how to run your business by on of the best CLICK HERE or on imge. 


Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets Home Study Course has quickly become one of the top selling training programs in the entire network marketing and direct sales industries.  In this powerful program, Todd teaches you EXACTLY how to recruit UP the socio-economic chain by specifically targeting and prospecting individuals who already have the skills necessary to succeed in network marketing.  Click Here or on image.


DaniDownload 3 FREE training CD’s from Dani Johnson “What the Guru’s arn’t telling you is KILLING your chances of becoming successful in a Home Based Busienss. CLICK HERE or on image.


  daleA 22 year marketing pro, Dale Calvert, takes you deep inside the Internet and Network Marketing secrets.  Dale was one of our original mentors and did a lot to help us grow in this business.  Everything in this course could sell for $1,000 easy.  Being a lond standing student he is letting me sell this product suite for $9.97 for a limited time only.  Grab it before he comes back to his sences! CLICK HERE or on image.



  • Note: Rest assure, any tools and resources I provide to you on this site are used by me personally otherwise I would not endorse them.