Accountable Or A Victim?

by on 20/06/11 at 9:15 pm

Are you holding yourself accountable or turning yourself into a victim?

Yes this is a pretty strong question to ask yet the answer is critical.  This is something that can truly effect your success in life, business and pretty much everything.

This entire post goes to your mind set as an Entrepreneur and how anything in your life, business or personal can have a positive or negative effect on it.

Accountability has a major impact on success, by that what I mean is this…

If something goes wrong in your life are you holding yourself accountable for it or pointing your finger at someone else and making yourself a victim?

To explain this I am going to share a personal story with you…

Most of my regular readers already know that my wife Lisa and I are in the process of relocating our family from Chesterfield Michigan to Ponte Vedra Florida.

One of the major hurdles we have in doing this in our current economy is selling ourhome and my parents house which I inherited when my father passed away in January of this year.

We have sold our home so one down one to go!

A few weeks ago we had a BIG road block thrown in front of us in selling my parents house.  Someone broke into the house, shut off the main water valve and stole all the copper plumbing out of the house!

Not that there could ever be a good time for this to happen but as I sit here typing this post we are 32 days from moving 1100 miles south and I am still working on repairing the damage.

Now when I first found out this happened I was pissed!!!

A natural reaction perhaps but not a good emotion.  I started blaming people.  My Realtor for calling me to tell me there may be a problem at the house but not to worry he would go check out the house.  Only to find the damage myself several days later because he didn’t have enough common sense to walk down stairs and check the basement, he only walked through the 1st floor of the house.

My Realtor again for putting the cheesy lock box on the front door that allowed the thieves to break in in the first place.

And of course the Police for being no where around while it happened.

Now maybe those all sound like reasonable thoughts, maybe you are thinking you would have felt the same but here is where I was dead wrong.


I’ll get to that in a second.  Fortunately I didn’t have this perspective very long because frankly it was draining both physically and mentally.  I was angry, depressed and had (temporarily at least) turned myself into a victim.  How?

I did not take accountability for the problem I blamed other people.

As Entrepreneurs we are in the business of getting results, positive results to be specific.  Was that initial mind set of finger pointing going to bring me a good result?  NO!  Again it was sucking all my energy away.

As stated above it was all my fault this happened and the second I came back to that reality I got my power back and was no longer a victim.

I let the Realtor put the cheesy lock box on the door so I didn’t have to drive 20 miles to the house every time there was a showing.

I let the Realtor go check out the house, even if he had enough common sense to check the entire house it is my house and my responsibility NOT HIS!

As for the police, not sure what made me think they would be around.

The real moral of the story is we are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in our lives!

Good or bad, whether we do it or someone else does it to us.  Because if someone else botches things up for you, you gave them the ability to do it!

Holding yourself accountable gives you power and control and positive results.  Blaming and finger pointing makes you a victim, creates negative results and nothing good will ever come from it.

A special thanks to a fellow Entrepreneur and mentor Jonathan Budd for making me re visit this whole episode.

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