A Success Industry Secret ~ Personal Development

by on 19/12/09 at 4:50 am

Hello again ladies and gentlemen back at it with another online success tip and this is an success industry secret that climbhigherreally shouldn’t be a secret.

This  is going to be a little about learning, focus and persistency. And let’s start with learning; those of you who have been following my teachings know I am big into personal development. Many reasons for this, you when you learning you’re growing and if you’re not growing you’re dying. Also a major part of success is adding value to other people’s lives.

Well how do you add value to someone else if you haven’t added it to yourself? So you always have to start by adding to your own inner value through personal development. And don’t stop at just one source. I have many people I learn from and am still adding to the list.

And with that I am in the personal development business, I have my own line of products that I market and yet still go out seeking more from other teachers, there is never to much knowledge.

The big part is to stay focused and persistent when you’re on a plateau. A plateau is part of the learning curve. The best way I have to explain it is this. I’m a musician; I have been playing Bass in bands for years. Now as you learn you get better in spurts.

It isn’t like you get a little better every day, one day you’re this good then a day, a week maybe a month later bam you’re this good then it levels off again for a while.

During that period of being leveled off that is the plateau I am speaking of. This is where focus and persistence is critical! Your business savvy is no different; you will have a certain skill set plateau then a spike or increase in skill and then another plateau.

Why focus and persistence is critical now, is that this is when most people step back and eventually just give up.

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