“How To Start A Home Based Business Built For Success”

An E-Book by Ray Jernukian

Teaching 23 topics specifically designed to reduce your learning curve and decrease ramp up time.  Helping you become profitable much faster!



I will teach you CRITICAL info on these 23 topics:

  • Topic 1:  Common types of home businesses.  
  • Topic 2:  Home Based Business vs. Brick and Mortar.
  • Topic 3:  What tools do you need to start?
  • Topic 4:  How to avoid getting scammed.
  • Topic 5:  What about free or no start up cost Businesses.
  •  Topic 6:  How to find a credible company with integrity. 
  • Topic 7:  Government grants to help with start up costs. 
  • Topic 8:  Do you really have to bug friends and family?
  • Topic 9:  The advantage of a proven system. 
  • Topic 10:  How to get trained if you have no experience.
  • Topic 11:  How do you find people to talk to?
  • Topic 12:  Profitable ideas and strategies. 
  • Topic 13:  Who to get advice from.
  • Topic 14:  What about new ground floor opportunities.
  • Topic 15:  Local, Nationwide or international companies.
  • Topic 16:  Qualifications to be an Entrepreneur. 
  • Topic 17:  When is the right time to start?
  • Topic 18:  Difference: Team and community environment. 
  • Topic 19:  The importance of a family oriented company.
  • Topic 20:  Why do you want to start a Business? 
  • Topic 21:  The importance of a great sponsor and mentor.
  • Topic 22:  Goal setting. 
  • Topic 23:  Getting overwhelmed?  Outsource It!

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